Flat Free Foam Filled Tires

What are these flat free foam filled tires, and why use them? Let’s find out.

The flat free tire can be used in any situation a pneumatic tire could be used, such as garden cart wheels, wheelbarrel wheels, hand truck wheels, and caster wheels. The difference is that instead of being air filled, the tire is filled with a polyurethane foam matrix. The foam maintains the flexability, shock absorption, and easy movement of a pneumatic tire, but won’t deflate even if punctured.

Flat free tires are great for any application where there is a high likelihood of tire puncturing, such as a warehouse floor with metal shavings or staples, or for anyone who simply doesn’t want to have to worry about refilling a pneumatic tire. This feature does add to the cost of the tire.

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What Is Semi Steel?

If you’re looking for an industrial or heavy duty caster, you’ve no doubt come across the term Semi Steel. And, unless you’ve got a background in metallurgy, chances are you’re not sure what it is.

As it turns out, semi steel is actually a type of cast iron, with steel scrap thrown in the mixture for good measure. In fact, most semi-steel has quite a bit of steel scrap in it. The result is an alloy that is excellent for use as casters, for a variety of reasons. Semi steel features easy castability, low cost, and machinability, just as cast iron does. It also has added strength, impact resistance, and ductility from the steel. This makes semi-steel a perfect balance of cost effective strength for many medium and heavy duty casters.

Service Caster Videos

The caster pros at Service Caster are now producing videos, offering another format for users to gather information from the world of casters and wheels. These videos will offer all sorts of demonstrations and how-to’s from a real life perspective, and are made by actual Service Caster sales reps and employees. These videos are specifically made by us for you to deal with the most common issues that come up.

You can find the video collection at our Video page. At the moment these videos include “How to Replace a Grip Ring Stem,” “How to Measure a Caster Stem,” and “Choosing Hardwood Floor Safe Furniture Casters.”

We hope these videos are both helpful and informative!